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省略句练习与答案 1. -What’s the matter with John? -He didn’t pass the test but he still____. A. hopes so B. hopes to C. hopes it D. hopes that 2. -She must look like a very pretty girl. - Yes, I imagine__________. A. to B. that C. it D. so 3. This is an illness that can result in total blindness__________ left untreated. A. after B. if C. since D. unless 4. -What will John Smith be doing in the fall of this year? -_________ mathematics at a high school. A. Teaching B. To teach C. Be teaching D. Teac 5. -Better not have the operation right now. -________. A. I mustn’t B. I shouldn’t C. I won’t D. I can’t 6. -Will you go to the party? -Of course I will if_________. A. I was invited B. invited C. having invited D. I will be invited 7. The special medicine for the disease was difficult to find though________ everywhere. A. sought B. having sought C. being sought D. having been sought 8. Taking such kind of medicine, if _______ , will possibly do you great harm. A. continue B. to continue C. continued D. continuing 9. He is not easy to get along with, but the friendship of his, _________, will last forever. A. once gained B. to be gained C. after gained D. while gaining 10. -Don’t forget to take the message to my teacher. -_________. A. Yes, I will B. No, I won’t C. I don’t think so D. Sorry, I don’t 11. The road is designed for only motor vehicles, so once________, bicycles are not allowed to go along it. A. opens B. having opened C. opening D. opened 12. The teacher told us not to take the equipment out of the laboratory until_________. A. allowing to take B. allowing to C. allowed to be taken D. allowed to 13. -Will you go home tomorrow evening? -No, I am going to a lecture, or at least, I’m planning________.

A. so B. to C. it D. that 14. Would you read my letter and correct the mistakes if________? A. some B. ever C. any D. never 15. When________ where he was born, the old man was afraid to give his address. A. asking B. asked C. was asked D. ask 16. Don’t speak to anyone when you are in a strange situation unless________. A. you will be spoken B. you speak to C. spoken to D. you spoken to 17. -Will the Smiths be going abroad this summer? -No, they finally decided_________. A. not to be B. not to do C. not going D. not to 18. -How do you think Mary managed to improve her French in such a short time? -_________ 4 hours on it every morning. A. Because of spending B. By spending C. Spent D. To spend 19. “If”, he added at the meeting, “________ enough time, we would certainly have done it better.” A. given B. to be given C. give D. giving 20. If you talk to these senior students, you will find that they have much greater knowledge than commonly_________. A. supposing B. supposed C. to suppose D. suppose 答案与简析: 1. B 。

某些表示心理或情感状态的动词如 :love, mean, want, hate, like, prefer, wish, expect, hope 等的后面跟不定式时,为避免重复,常省略与上文相同的动词,而只保留不定式符号 to。

2. D。

so 和 not 可放在动词 expect,fear,hope,suppose,believe,think,imagine 以 及词组 be afraid 等的后面,省略与上文相同的肯定或否定的宾语从句。

3. B。

在带有状语从句的复合句中,如果从句与主句的主语一致,且从句中含有 be 动 词,则可以省略从句的主语及 be 动词。

此处从句中省略了 it is。

4. A。

回答 what 的问句,省去了 He will be。

5. C。

6. B。

参见 3,本题省去了 I am。

7. A。

参见 3,本题省去了 it was。

8. C。

参见 3,本题省去了 it is。

9. A。

参见 3,本题省去了 it is。

10. B。

11. D。

参见 3,本题省去了 it is。

12. D。

13. B。

参见 1。

14. C。

if 后面常用省略句,当表示“一些”的时候,用 any,不用 some。

15. B。

参见 3,本题省去了 he was。

16. C。

参见 3,本题省去了 you are。

17. D。

参见 1。

18. B。

回答 how 的问句,应该用 by……。

19. A。

参见 3,本题 if 后省去了 we had been。

20. B。

参见 3,本题 than 后省去了 they were。

【高考链接】 1. — You haven't lost the ticket, have you? — _________. I know it's not easy to get another one at the moment.(2004 江苏) A. I hope not B. Yes, I have C. I hope so D. Yes, I’m afraid so 【解析】A. 用 so,not 或其它手段来省略上文或问句中的一部分或整个句义,是高考的常 考项目。

本题就是考查这一考点,根据句意,选 A。

译文:—你的票没有丢掉,是吗? —我希望没有,我知道此刻要再搞到一张是不容易的。

2. When help, one often says “ Thank you.” or “It’s kind of you.”(2005 福建) A. offering B. to offer C. to be offered D. offered 【解析】D. 本题是高考中常考的又一考点,在 when,while,if,as if,though(或 although), as,until,once,whether,unless,where 等连词连接的状语从句中,常省略跟主句相同的主 语和 be 动词。

本题省去了“one is”。


3. — How about putting some pictures into the report? —___ A picture is worth a thousand words.(2005 江苏) A. No way. B. Why not? C. All right? D. No matter. 【解析】B. “why (not) do” 结构中, 不定式不带 to,属于一种句型化的省略。

译文:—将报告中加几张图片怎么样? —为什么不呢?一画顶千言。

4. — I was wondering if we could go skiing on the weekend. — _______good. (2006 湖北) A. Sound B. Sounded C. Sounding D. Sounds 【解析】D. “It/That sounds good/great/….”这样的答语中常省略主语。



5. —How about seeing the new movie at the theatre tonight? — ______, but I've got to go over my notes for tomorrow's exam. (2006 重庆) A. All right B. Sounds great C. I can’t D. No, I am terribly sorry 【解析】B.本题同上题。

译文:—今晚到戏院看新上映的电影怎么样? —听起来好极了,可是我得复习准备明天的考试。

6. — Do you mind my smoking here? — ______. (2006 四川) A. No, thanks B. No, Good idea C. Yes, please D. Yes. Better not 【解析】D. “Better not.”是“You'd better not.”的省略。

译文:—你介意我在这里抽烟吗? —是的,最好不要。

7. In my opinion, life in the twenty-first century is much easier than ______.(2007 安徽) A. that used to be B. it is used to C. it was used to D. it used to be 【解析】D. 本题考查的是比较状语从句中的省略,在比较状语从句中,as/than 后面常使用 省略。


8. —It’s a long time since I saw my sister. —_________ her this weekend?(2007 全国 I) A. Why not visit B. why not to visit C. Why not visiting D. Why don’t visit 【解析】A. 本题也考查了“Why not do”这个句型。


为什么这个周末不去见见她呢? 9. We all know that, __________, the situation will get worse. (2007 全国 I) A. not if dealt carefully with B. if not carefully dealt with C. if dealt not carefully with D. not if carefully dealt with 【解析】B. 本题也考查了状语从句中省略“主语+be”的问题。


10. —Dad! Tom’s broken a glass! — ____. Accidents will happen.(2007 四川) A. No way B. Doesn't matter C. No trouble at all D. Don't mention it 【解析】B. “It doesn't matter.”等日常用语中常省略主语。



倒装句练习 1. Never in my life such a thing. A. I have heard of or seen C. have I heard of or seen 2. Seldom TV during the day. A. they watch B. are they watching D. do they watch B. I had heard of or seen D. did I hear of or seen C. have they watched 3.Not until his comrades criticized him to admit his mistake. A. does he begin B. did he begin C. began he D. had he begun 4. Not only a promise, but also he kept it. A. did he make B. he made 5. nor read English. A. Can’t he either write C. Can he neither write B. He can neither write D. Neither he can write C. does he make D. has he made 6. Only when thousands of flowers bloom together . A. spring will be considered here B. could spring be considering here C. can spring be considered here D. spring can be considered here 7. his appearance that no one could recognize him. A. So was strange C. So strange was 8. and caught the mouse. A. Up the cat jumped C. Up jumped the cat B. The cat up jumped D. Jumped up the cat B. Was so strange D. Strange so was 9.“It was cold yesterday.”“.”Which of the following is wrong. A. So it was B. So is it today C. So was it the day before D. So it did 10. and the lesson began. A. In came Mr. Brown B. Mr. Brown in came

C. In came he D. Came in Mr. Brown 11. On the wall two large portraits. A. hangs B. hang C. hanged D. are hanging 12. Never such a wonderful place as Hangzhou. A. have I seen B. I have seen C. Had I seen D. I had seen 13. ,she was very brave. A. Girl as she was B. As she was a girl C. A girl as she was D. Girl as was she 14. Little that she was seriously ill herself. A. Susan knew C. knew Susan B. did Susan know D. was Susan known 15. Such the results of the experiments. A. is B. was C. are D. as be 16. I didn’t read the notice. . A. So did he C. Nor did he B. Neither didn’t he D. He didn’t ,too 17. , I would have phoned you. A. If I knew it C. If I know it B. Had I known it D. Did I know it 18. “They have done a good job.” “.” A. So they have done C. So have they B. So they have D. So is it 19. Now your turn to recite the text. A. there is B. has come C. comes D. will come 20. Hardly the railway station when the train started. A. did I reach B. had I reached C. I reached D. I had reached 21. “I like to watch TV plays, but I don’t watch TV every evening. ” “.” A. So do I B. So I do 22. Rarely such a silly thing. A. have I heard of B. I have heard of C. I do so D. So it is with me

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