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新视野大学英语(第三版)第二册读写教程课后答案 Unit 1 Language in mission Text A An impressive English lesson Ex.1 Understanding the text 1、Because he is tired of listening to his father and he is not interested in grammar rules. 2、The civilization of Greece and the glory of Roman architecture are so marvelous and remarkable that they should be described at least in a brief account; however, what the student could do was only one single utterance :“whoa!” without any any specific comment. 3、Because the schools fail to set high standards of language proficiency. They only teach a little grammar and less advanced vocabulary. And the younger teachers themselves have little knowledge of the vital structures of language. 4、Because teaching grammar is not an easy job and most of the students will easily get bored if it’s not properly dealt with. 5、He familiarized his son with different parts of speech in a sentence and discussed their specific grammatical functions including how to use adverbs to describe verbs. 6、Because the son had never heard about the various names and functions of words in an English sentence before. 7、The author uses “road map”and “car”to describe grammar and vocabulary. Here,“road map”is considered as grammar and “car”as vocabulary. 8、Since the subjunctive mood his son used is a fairly advanced grammar structure, the interjection“whoa!”reflects the tremendous pride the father had toward his son; it also reflects the author’s humor in using the word because it was once used by his student, though in two different situations and with two different feelings. Ex.3 Words in use 1.condense 2.exceed 3.deficit 4.exposure 5.asset 6.adequate 7.competent 8.adjusting 9.precisely 10.beneficial Ex.4 Word building -al/-ial: managerial/editorial/substance/survival/tradition/margin -cy : consistency/accuracy/efficient -y : recovery/ministry/assembly Ex.5 Word building 1.editorial 2.recovery 3.accuracy 4.substance 5.managerial 6.margin 7.assembly 8.Ministry 9.survival 10.tradition 12.efficient 11.consistency

Ex.6 Banked cloze 1-5: L C J A I 6-10: O N E H F Ex.7 Expressions in use 1.feel obliged to 2.be serious about 3.run into 4.distinguish between 5.thrust upon 6.was allergic to 7.get lost 8.be attracted to 9.make sense 10.looked upon as Ex.8 Structured writing Some bookworms in my dormitory often spend hours reading their “Bible”, Practical English Grammar, and do a lot of exercises in that book , but I don ’t care about it at all. My assumption is since I have never learned Chinese grammar, what’s the sense of learning English grammar? In fact, English grammar has always been a big headache to me. English grammar is very complicated because, unlike Chinese, there are many verb tenses. Even stranger than verb tenses, English grammar also contains something very confusing. For example, I don’t remember how many times my middle school teacher tr to“impose”the differences between used to and be used to on us. Sometimes he would go on with the explanation for 20 minutes or so. He even summarized the differences by listing three or four points for us to memorize. However, they could never stay in my head . I don’t remember how many times I got it wrong with the sentences containing used to or be used to on my exams . I was really confused with these two phrases,and I can never get them right. In brief, I’m allergic to learning English grammar. Curiously, I just wonder if the native speakers of English have a microcomputer in their brain to help them utter the two phrases promptly with just a click of their brain mouse! Ex.9 E-C Translation 人们普遍认为英语是一种世界语言,经常被许多不以英语为第一语言的国家使 用。


英语的历史可以分为三个主 要阶段:古英语,中古英语和现代英语。

英语起源于公元 5 世纪,当时三个日 耳曼部落入侵英国,他们对英语语言的形成起了很大的作用。

在中世纪和现代 社会初期,英语的影响遍及不列颠群岛。

从 17 世纪初,它的开始在世界 各地显现。


今天,由于 美国电影、电视、音乐、贸易和技术、包括互联网的大受欢迎,美国英语的影 响力尤其显著。

Ex.10 C-E Translation Chinese calligraphy is a unique art and the unique art treasure in the world. The formation and development of the Chinese calligraphy is closely related to the emergence and evolution of Chinese characters. In this long evolutionary process, Chinese characters have not only played an important role in exchanging ideas and transmitting culture but also developed into a unique art form. Calligraphic

works well reflect calligraphers’ personal feelings, knowledge, self-cultivation, personality, and so forth, thus there is an expression that “seeing the calligrapher’s handwriting is like seeing the person”. As one of the treasures of Chinese culture, Chinese calligraphy shines splendidly in the world’s treasure house of culture and art. Text B The great journey of learning 2. Understanding the text D. 2. A 3. C 4. A 5. C 6. B 7. C 8. D 4. Words in use mysterious 2. desperate 3. devise 4. negotiate 5. recalled 6. specifically 7. depict 8. Ignorance 9. Expand 10 confusion 5. Expressions in use apply to 2. in a bid to 3. end up 4. speaking of 5. get hold of 6. appealed to 7. leaving ..behind 8. focus on EX. 6 Sentence structure . even though it is important of the students to have a deep understanding of the texts, it doesn’t make any sense to read texts word for word from the beginning to the end as it is a matter of little importance to us, it doesn’t make much sense to argue out which is wrong or right or which is better or worse it makes no sense to compel children to obey their parents; instead, we should try to tell them what is right and what is wrong. EX. 7. II might as well have stayed at home. We might as well have taken the train home So he might as well have told me all about it . Collocation: Warm-up essential framework 2. distinctive difference 3 high standards 4 valuable possessions 5 considerable frustration 6 acquire knowledge 7 overcome deficiencies 8 sketch thoughts 9 devise a scheme Ex. 8 1 essential framework 2 proper vocabulary 3 excellent control 4 language deficit

5 high standards 6 language proficiency 7 acquire knowledge 8 competent communication 9 overcome deficiencies 10 sketch thoughts 11 effective communication 12 advanced vocabulary Unit 2 College-The ladder to success Text A The humanities:Out of date? Reading Comprehension 1. because English or history majors are considered less competitive when the job market is shrinking, and they have to study something that can help them more easily locate their future jobs. 2. because as the tion is climbing higher and higher, many students have run away from studying the humanities and toward “hard” skills that they think will lead to employment. 3. since more students are now taking job-oriented courses, libraries, where students of liberal arts used to study, are getting less popular than before; in contrast, labs are getting more eye-catching because students of science and engineering do experiments and research there. 4. because this inner drive that can be either constructive or destructive is so mysterious and powerful that it has attracted many people to speculate on it. From ancient times, these men and women developed artistic “languages” in the form of story, music, myth, painting, architecture, sculpture, landscape and traditions, which from the very foundation of civilization. 5. Studying the humanities improves your ability to read and write, makes you familiar with the language of emotion and the creative process, and, more importantly, provides you with a wide scope of possibilities that are open to you. 6. Because in modern life, an ideal capacity for establishing one’s career is to have both technical knowledge and inner insight, not just one without the other. 7. “Well-rounded human beings” are those who have insight and understand the passions, hopes and dreams common to all humanity. 8. Since many people who once stud the humanities became famous in their career, the author implies that if students spend more time studying the humanities, they could surely become successful in the future as well. Language focus 3 1. promotes 2. accelerate 3. mystery 4. insight 5. boost 6. analysis 7. calculate 8. barriers 9. destruction 10. prospect 4 Promising Bearing Housing Objective Offend Exclude Excess Execute

Intensify Identity 5 1. excess 2. bearing 3. objective 4. intensify 6. promising 7. exclude 8. identity 9 offend 6. 1-5 CHDJB 5. execute 10. housing 6-10 LMGFA 7 1. are liable to 4. speculate about 7. in the form of 10 in succession 2. in favor of 5. invested…with 8. prepared for 3. is bound to 6. stand up for 9. in the company of 9 幕课是一种网络课程,它旨在通过网络实现广泛参与和开放接入。

幕课是远程 教育迈出的最新一步,现已在高等教育领域迅速引领潮流。

通过这些课程,大 学可以扩大影响的范围,从影响成千上万住在城里付学费的学生,扩展到惠及 全球上百万的学生。

除了拥有传统的课程资料,幕课还给使用者互动论 坛,支持学生和讲师之间的交流。

幕课能促进参与者之间的交流,使得多种观 点、知识和技能涌现到课堂上来;它鼓励人们尝试之前不可能尝试的课程,甚 至是尝试新的教育方式;它多种学习课程资料的方式,鼓励多模式学习, 以各种学习风格满足学习者的需求;另外,幕课促进教学的改善,使技术在面 对面授课中得以更好地应用。

10 In recent years, with the development of Internet technology, the construction of digital education resources of our country has made great achievements. Many universities have set up their own digital learning platforms, and digital teaching is playing an increasingly important role in education. Compared with the traditional way of teaching, the digital way has a lot of advantages. On one hand, digital teaching makes global sharing of teaching resources possible; on the other hand, it expands the learner’s study time and space to learn, allowing people to get access to the digital virtual schools through the Internet anytime and anywhere. These advantages make it possible for people to shift from one-time learning to lifelong learning. Unit 2 TextB What college bring us? Ex 1 1. Main idea: College has never been magical for everyone. Major detail: More high school graduates don’t fit the pattern of college.

2. Main idea: We need to revise our attitudes and reform the system. Major detail: we only judge things based on our own college experiences. 3. Main idea: College education seems to have wasted time and accumulated debt. Major detail: Close to 80 percent of new jobs can be performed by someone without a college degree. Ex.2 1C 2D 3C 4A 5D 6B 7B 8A Ex.3 1. It’s very true because the job market is becoming more competitive. Yes, without a college degree, one can end up with nothing to do. Sure, college brings students knowledge and personal growth. No, it’s not necessary to get a college degree to have a better career. Disagree, college is too expensive now for students and family to afford. 2. More competitive. More knowledgeable. More confident. More opportunities. 3. Traditional ideology. More promising future. High expectations of their children. 4. Worth their money because it’s an investment that will pay off later. A waste of their money because the tion is too high. Not sure if they’ll profit from the large sum they invested. 5. Analytical ability. Critical thing skills. Broad knowledge. Ex.4 1. enroll 2 revise 3accumulate 4 accorded 5 evaluate 6. prime 7 confirm 8 shrinking 9 sufficient 10 recruit Ex.5 1. bother to 2.is available to 3. been compelled to 4.described…as 4. exposed…to 6.rather than 7 have something to do with 8 for its own sake Ex.6 1. A teacher, no matter how knowledgeable he is, cannot teach his students everything they want to know. 2. No matter where you travel, you can always find someone to communicate with in English since English is an important language. 3. No matter what work a person is doing, if he gives it his best each day, he creates lots of happiness for himself. Ex.7 1. Although the number of applications is small, there is little doubt that the program will help the students who really need financial aid.

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