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初中常用动词固定搭配归纳 一. 只接不定式(不能接动名词)作宾语的 25 个常用动词 1. want to do sth. 想要做某事 I want to buy a new computer this afternoon.我想今天下午买台新电脑。

2. would like to do sth.想要做某事 I would like to invite you to come to my birthday party this Saturday. 我想邀请你这周六来我的聚会。

3. wish to do sth. 希望做某事 I wish to live on the moon one day. 我希望有一天在月球上生活。

4. help to do sth. 帮助做某事 I often help to do some chores at home. 我在家经常帮着做家务。

5. hope to do sth. 希望做某事 I hope to have a good rest this weekend. 我希望这周末好好休息一下。

6. learn to do sth. 学会做某事 He finally learned to play the piano with the help of the teacher. 在老师的帮助下,他最终学会了弹钢琴。

7. manage to do sth. 设法做成某事 They managed to escape the fire yesterday. 昨天他们设法逃脱了火灾。

8. offer to do sth. 主动提出做某事 Never offer to teach fish to swim. 9. plan to do sth. 计划做某事 He plans to travel around the world. 他计划要周游世界。


10. afford to do sth. 负担得起做某事(时间或金钱方面) We can’t afford to go abroad this summer. 今年夏天我们没有足够的钱出国。

11. agree to do sth. 做某事 He agreed to do it at once. 他同意立刻行动。

12. arrange to do sth.安排做某事 I arrange to wash clothes tomorrow morning. 我安排好明天上午洗衣服。


13. ask to do sth. 要求做某事 The boy asks to go to school by bike. 这个男孩要求骑自行车去上学。

14. beg to do sth. 恳求做某事 He begged not to be put into prison. 他祈求不要被关进监狱。

15. care to do sth. 愿意/喜欢做某事 16. choose to do sth. 选择做某事 He chose to believe what she had said. 17. decide to do sth. 决定做某事 She has decided to travel all over the world. 她已经决定周游世界了。

18. demand to do sth. 要求做某事 19. determine to do sth. 决心做某事 He determined to learn French. 他下定决心学习法语。

20. expect to do sth. 等待做某事 I am expecting to hear from you soon. 我期待着早点收到你的来信。

21. fear to do sth. 惧怕做某事 She fears to live on the mountain. 她害怕住在山上。

22. prepare to do sth. 预备做某事 They prepared to go hiking this Sunday. 23. pretend to do sth. 伪装做某事 She pretended not to see me. 她假装没有看到我。



24. promise to do sth. 答应做某事 I have promised to give the children some books. 我已经答应给孩子们一些书了。

25. refuse to do sth. 拒绝做某事 She refused to buy a new cellphone for her boy. 她拒绝给她儿子买新手机。


二. 只接动名词(不能接不定式)作宾语的 28 个常用动词 1. practice doing sth. 练习做某事 I practice playing the piano twice a week. 我每周练习两次弹钢琴。

2. consider doing sth. 考虑做某事 I consider waiting a bit longer before I give up. 我考虑放弃之前再等待一段时间。

3. enjoy doing sth. 喜欢做某事 I enjoy playing basketball. 我喜欢打篮球。

4. finish doing sth. 完成做某事 Let's finish doing the work together. 让我们一起完成工作吧。

5. give up doing sth. 放弃做某事 My father has given up smoking. 6. imagine doing sth. 想象做某事 I can't imagine marrying such a woman. 我不能想象娶了这样一个女人。

7. keep doing sth. 一直保持做某事 I kept studying English for 1 hour yesterday evening. 昨天晚上,我一直学了 1 小时英语。

8. put off doing sth. 推迟做某事 Sometimes students put off doing their homework until the last minute. 有时学生们会拖延到最后一分钟才做作业。



9. risk doing sth. 冒险做某事 To win the gamble,he risked losing 100 dollars. 为了赢这场赌局,他冒了失去 100 美元的风险。

10. suggest doing sth. 建议做某事 I suggest traveling abroad next month. 我建议下个月出国旅行。

11. admit doing sth. 承认做某事 He admitted making the mistake. 他承认犯了错误。

12. advise doing sth. 建议做某事 He advises going to see a movie. 他建议去看电影。

13. allow doing sth. 允许做某事 We don't allow smoking in the classroom. 我们不允许在班里吸烟。

14. appreciate doing sth. 感谢做某事 We shall appreciate hearing from you again. 我们恭候佳音。

15. avoid doing sth. 避免做某事 Try to avoid drinking and smoking. 尽量避免喝酒和抽烟。

16. delay doing sth. 拖延做某事 Why have you delayed writing to him? 17. deny doing sth. 否认做某事 John denied signing the contract. 18. discuss doing sth. 讨论做某事 I like to discuss doing sports with my friends.我喜欢和我朋友讨论体育运动。




19. dislike doing sth. 不喜欢做某事 He dislikes dancing in public. 他不喜欢在公众场合跳舞。

20. escape doing sth. 逃脱做某事 He escaped being killed. 他没有被杀。

21. excuse doing sth. 原谅做某事 He can't excuse coming late for work. 他不能原谅上班迟到。

22. fancy doing sth. 想象/喜爱做某事 Are you fancy buying some food with me? 23. forbid doing sth. 禁止做某事 They forbid parking here. 他们禁止在这里停车。

24. mention doing sth. 提及做某事 He mentioned watching TV. 他提到了看电视。

25. mind doing sth. 介意做某事 Would you mind opening window? 26. miss doing sth. 错过做某事 The thief missed being caught yesterday.那小偷昨天没能被抓住。

27. permit doing sth. 允许做某事 We do not permit smoking in the office. 在我们的办公室里不准吸烟。

28. prohibit doing sth. 禁止/阻止做某事 They prohibit smoking in public. 他们禁止在公共场合吸烟。

你介意开窗户吗? 你愿不愿意和我一起去买点吃的?


三. 既可接不定式也可接动名词,但含义完全不同的 8 个动词 1. remember to do sth. 记住要做某事(未做) remember doing sth. 记得做过某事(已做) Remember to close the door,please.记着关门. I remember closing the door.我记得关了门了. 2. forget to do sth. 忘记去做某事(未做) forget doing sth. 忘记做过某事(已做) The light in the office is stil on. He forgot to turn it off. 办公室的灯还在亮着,他忘记关了. He forgot turning the light off. 他忘记他已经关了灯了. 3. regret to do sth. 遗憾要做某事(未做) regret doing sth. 后悔/抱歉做过某事(已做) I regret to tell you that you can't pass the examination. 我很遗憾地通知你你不能通过这次考试. I regret disturbing yo so long. 4. try to do sth. 努力做某事 try doing sth. 尝试做某事 He tries to get the apple above the shelf. But he fails to reach it. After a while, Brown comes in and try showing his ability. 他努力去够架子上的苹果,但是没能够到。

过了一会儿,布朗近来尝试表现他的 能力。



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