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Unfortunately, mistakes sometimes happen. When this is the case, customer service representatives need to handle consumers complaints. Its also important for customer service reps to gather information to help resolve the problem. The following short dialog provides some helpful phrases to deal with complaints:

Customer: Good morning. I purchased a computer from your company last month. Unfortunately, Im not satisfied with my new computer. Im having a lot of problems.
Customer Care Representative: What seems to be the problem?

Customer: Im having problems with my Internet connection, as well as repeated crashes when I try to run my word-processing software.
Customer Care Representative:Did you read the instructions that came with the computer?

Customer: Well, yes. But the troubleshooting section was no help.
Customer Care Representative: What happened exactly?

Customer: Well, the Internet connection doesnt work. I think the modem is broken. Id like a replacement.
Customer Care Representative: How were you using the computer when you tried to connect to the Internet?

Customer: I was trying to connect to the Internet! What kind of question is that?!
Customer Care Representative:I understand youre upset, sir. Im just trying to understand the problem. Im afraid its not our policy to replace computers because of glitches.

Customer: I bought this computer with the software pre-loaded. I havent touched anything.
Customer Care Representative: We’re sorry that you’ve had a problem with this computer. Could you bring in your computer? I promise you well check the settings and get back to you immediately.

Customer: OK, that will work for me.
Customer Care Representative: Is there anything else I need to know about this that I haven’t thought to ask?

Customer: No, Id just like to be able to use my computer to connect to the Internet.
Customer Care Representative: Well do our best to get your computer working as soon as possible.

Key Vocabulary

customer service representatives (reps)
gather information
resolve the problem
deal with complaints
not our policy
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